Use scenarios in PURCHASING

Ideas and examples of JobRouter implementations

Investment applications

Enough with the laborious filling out of forms and an insecure approval process.

With JobRouter®, you have complete transparency regarding the respective status of an application. Due to the established approval limit for each individual person, a consistent system of rules is implemented and guarantees only authorised approvals.

Project examples

Processing of investment requests at Euromaster GmbH

Ordering process

This JobRouter® ordering process knows what is missing and provides support in finding out the appropriate information and in comparing offers – the user decides and orders via the press of a button. If the order value is above a certain budget, the superior must also approve the order.

The workflow management system receives and delivers data and documents and ensures that all connected systems have what they require. Process adjustments to individual scenarios can be made.


Ordering process at ASAP Holding GmbH

Further business processes from PURCHASING
  • Inventory process
  • Investment request
  • Procurement request

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