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Creating PDF's from Word files

Creating PDF's from Word files

A widespread requirement in projects is to create documents and receipts, such as invoices, orders or contracts out of processes. These tasks are accomplished by the JobPDF module.

JobRouter® is the platform for company-wide digitization of business processes

JobRouter® provides a continuous process optimization and the ability to communicate with ERP and other standard systems, with the components workflow, document and data management, as well as an intelligent document processing.

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The multifunctional modules of the JobRouter® Suite replace different software components -

this simplifies projects and reduces risks.

A) JobRouter® as pure workflow management system between other software components of the process chain.
B) The JobRouter® Suite with its multifunctional, integrated modules replaces components such as document processing, archive and document reader and allows for certifiable processes.

Certified to IDW PS 880

For me as an ICT manager JobRouter® is a success. In 29 other systems that we use, we will have a small effort in maintaining JobRouter®. Thanks to the good cooperation with the partners we have solved a problem with JobRouter® on which we have worked for many years.

Ludger Belke, Head of Information & Communication HTWG HTWG

In the future, I expect faster runs and shorter testing because no request remains unclear.

Jürgen Romer, Werkstattleiter Mechanische Werkstatt HTWG

I have been specialising in workflow management for 20 years and consider JobRouter® to be an outstanding mixture of technical possibilities and clarity.

Martin Hüsgen, IT-Manager DMG Dental-Material Gesellschaft mbH

I do not know how the suggestion system of Euromaster could have been managed without JobRouter®. All paths are clearly defined and lead to a fast and efficient process. We like JobRouter®.

Head of Safety and Quality Euromaster GmbH

With JobRouter®, imagination knows no limits.

Jennifer Becker (Business Analyst) Euromaster GmbH, Kaiserslautern

With the workflow management system JobRouter®, we are well positioned for further growth. With a user interface that logical, training is not really necessary. All locations are connected to JobRouter®, and we have many more ideas on how to automate processes and how to facilitate our work.

Andreas Fürst (GF) Scooter Autoservice GmbH

I do not know how the suggestion system of Euromaster could have been managed without JobRouter®. All paths are clearly defined and lead to a fast and efficient process. We like JobRouter®.

Head of Safety and Quality Euromaster GmbH

I work with both accounting and IT, therefore I was already delighted during the test configuration. Now that I see how simple and structured everything runs, I can only recommend JobRouter®. Participating in developing such a system is fun. It allowed me to do much myself, create fields and I can always intervene. The workflow system JobRouter® is self-explanatory. Colleagues from all departments provide me with good feedback. My advice: Give it a try! I cannot think of a reason that speaks against it.

JobRouter® users can be found in various industries. The size of a company ranges from small businesses over medium-sized to large businesses.

International references

Everything for your workflow management

JobRouter® is a flexible and independent workflow management system, used to automate any business process. Due to its many interfaces, JobRouter® adapts to any existing system environment and supports document-related and data-related processes.

As JobRouter® is entirely working with web technology, processes spanning multiple locations can be modeled, controlled and monitored.

Easily expandable at any time

At any time, the JobRouter® basis can be adapted to the complexity of a process or a varying number of users, thanks to additional modules. Processes can still be used after version changes without the need for adjustments.

Simple yet complex

Process owners appreciate the simple license model and the excellent price-performance-ratio. Process designers use the easy-to-use development environment to depict business processes.

Companies of all sectors and sizes use JobRouter® to process their business processes in a rule-compliant and documented way. For management, this ensures control, transparency as well as nearly self-certifying processes.

More room for more essential tasks

The user in a department uses the finished solution based JobRouter® after a short instruction. The automation of monotone and date-based processes unburdens the JobRouter® user and makes room for more essential tasks.

Multilingual processes and secure archiving

JobRouter® is a valuable tool to optimize business processes for both service providers and manufacturers.

Independent of a decentralized or centralized company structure, JobRouter® has distinguished itself with the successful implementation of multilingual processes and audit-proof document archiving.

Worldwide established system

JobRouter® is in use by more than 650 companies worldwide and in 18 languages. JobRouter® is distributed via a global partner network.

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