From Workflow specialist to comprehensive digitization platform: JobRouter® – Version 4.1

In 2003, today's JobRouter AG first presented its eponymous workflow management system with the goal of converting manual work steps into digital processes and mapping those processes in a practical manner. Since then, the product offerings have been steadily expanded: a powerful process automation at the core of the solution, agile document management, integrated low code modules, powerful SOAP & REST APIs and interfaces to additional systems such as ERP, CRM or databases as well as the possibility of own application development, now form the components of the industry-independent, scalable JobRouter® platform. With JobRouter®, companies are now able to efficiently exchange their data between solutions and create seamless, digital processes.

JobRouter AG represents an approach that promises enterprises agility and scalability, while at the same time they are offered greater visibility into their processes and the possibility to adapt those processes to changing requirements.

On the following pages, you will learn more about the JobRouter® core competences for efficient process, data, and document management and our expandable modules. Get a first impression of the endless number of possible applications!

JobRouter® Digital Transformation Platform

Digitally model, adapt and control your processes with

JobExplorer I JobGlobaltime I JobMail Connect I JobMultilanguage I JobOrder Match I JobIris I JobPGP I JobRobot I JobSAP BAPI I JobSAP TableSync I JobSelect I JobShift I JobStart I JobSub I JobSync I JobTable I JobTimer I JobViewer

Agile Document Management

Revision-proof archiving of any multilingual document according to the strict auditing standards IDW PS 880 with JobArchive.

Data extraction from digital receipts and document creation with JobPDF and JobFerd.

Efficient Data Management

Easily create, edit and manage master data tables - directly from the JobRouter® surface with JobData.

Intelligent Document Recognition

Intelligent evaluation and editing of documents with JobMind Head and JobMind Bau.

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