JobRouter® Deployment Scenarios in the consturction sector

Intelligent Construction Site Logistics

Intelligent construction site logistics is no longer a dream of the future, though the digitization in the construction sector is still way behind the digitization in the industry or the professional service provider digitization. Concerns and questions as well as problems caused by open processes, missing interfaces or communication between specialist departments are thwarting many digitization projects.

By contrast the mobility of contractors plays an increasingly important role in digitization. Nowadays many of them use mobile devices as tools, e.g. in order to take measures, and already 80% to 90% of the construction tenders are published electronically today. Already in 2014 the EU directives advised to use Building Information Modeling (BIM), which will be even mandatory by the Federal Ministry of Traffic and Digital Infrastructure in Germany from 2020. Electronic tenders – and electronic working methods as next step – are becoming the standard, as they are offering transparency, efficiency and cost advantages.

The advantages of digital structures are especially interesting for construction managers: Today they spend 30% of their working time on their main tasks, while they are on their way during the rest of their time to search material or to build something up or rebuild something. A time expenditure, which could be easily optimized. The horizontal and vertical link of added values through digitization unleashes a so far barely utilized potential in planning, construction execution, and logistics, as well as in the contact with external persons or intelligent machines.

Then all data can not only be recorded, but also processed and used in continuous processes. Procedures are ensured, defined employees are provided with all according information, and a better traceability is reached.

Your added value in the construction sector

Lapse of manual post-processing or calculation

Guaranteed faster processes

Customer Relationship Management optimization

Consistent transparency and communication

Faster invoice release for prompt receipt of payments

Reduced risk during cost calculation

Supply chain optimization

Avoidance of complex multiple entries

Liquidity increase for construction operations

Process Examples

Digital construction file

Complexity reduction: Digital management of all information regarding development, planning, sales, and construction supervision – to get faster to the end of the job.

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