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Ideas and examples of JobRouter implementations

Incoming invoice processing

With JobRouter®, incoming invoice processing takes place efficiently and securely. Incoming documents are automatically read, checked and processed. JobRouter® reads the header data of an invoice independently and compares the order data from the system with the verified incoming invoices. Complex verification processes can automatically take place in the background with an ERP system, including, for example, a bank comparison for suppliers with direct debiting. Finally, JobRouter® stores the invoices in its own long-term archive.

Project examples

Electronic invoice processing

Reading invoice with JobMind Head

Automatic auditing of accounts using JobOrder Match

SAP auditing using JobRouter

Outgoing invoice processing

The automation of a process for the Group-wide creation of outgoing invoices has many advantages. Instead of manual invoice creation (with Word or Excel), JobRouter® generates corporate design-compliant invoices in PDF format. Additionally, standardised formats make these invoice documents evaluable data. In the entire generation of receipts, third-party standards (SAP®, ZUGFerd...) can be taken into account with JobRouter®.

The process of outgoing invoice generation provides the opportunity to create outgoing invoices of a company in the individual departments and to have them approved according to the predominant approval hierarchy. Once approval has taken place, the process provides various invoice sending options to choose from and transfers the data to the established financial accounting application. In this way, invoice data recorded on a decentralised basis can be made available to centralised company and/or group accounting.

Further business processes from finance
  • Budget management and expenses tracking
  • Credit limit request
  • Incoming invoice verification / Accounts payable management
  • Outgoing invoice creation / Accounts receivable management

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