Ideas and examples of JobRouter implementations

Contract management

The process allows contract data to be managed and processed. Data is recorded by storing it in an archive, for example JobArchive. After a previously defined time, the contract is placed in a hold-file in JobRouter®. Subsequently, the user decides whether the contract is to be cancelled, renegotiated or extended.

Training management

The “Training management” process helps all persons involved (trainers, participants and billing department) to keep the administrative workload of a training event as small as possible.

This JobRouter® workflow covers the planning of a training event, allows registration for participation, manages registrations and cancellations, supplies the necessary invoice data and offers a training assessment system.

Approval processes

Automated approval processes are very popular at the management level – especially when they can be processed simply via smartphone. Rules stored in the JobRouter® workflow even allow processes running in parallel with several superiors.

Project examples

Approval process

Digital construction file

Thanks to the complete electronic availability of the construction file from every workstation, the ability to provide information in relation to the processing status or the work result increases significantly. Moreover, the documentation of all process milestones and process participants ensures the traceability of the decision-making processes.

Project examples

Digital Construction File

Workshop order

In the “workshop order” process, JobRouter® replaces the recording and distribution of customary (paper) forms of a workshop, including the recording of material and hours. Each processing step allows an electronic enquiry and spares the employees the need to make follow-up telephone calls or enquiries via e-mail. Documents, such as CAD drawings, can be uploaded at any time and viewed by all persons involved. Evaluations increase transparency and provide information on current orders.

Project examples

Workshop order

Internal suggestion system

A JobRouter® process allowing ideas or suggestions for improvement from employees to be submitted in a clearly defined manner – including on a cross-location basis. From the correct phrasing to the approval of the relevant superior to the corresponding selection of bonuses, this process offers everything in order to keep possible enquiries or ambiguities as low as possible.

Project examples

Internal suggestion system

External funds process

All process steps – both formal and content-related – can initially take place on a purely electronic basis. Since JobRouter® helps with compiling all the data and with calculations, the users can concentrate on the project description. If everything has been checked and approved internally, the JobPDF module generates the external funds application in the usual paper form so that it can be delivered by post.

Project examples

Third-party funded process with JobPDF

Further business processes from general administration
  • Applications management
  • Complaint management
  • Contract management
  • Distribution of incoming mail
  • Internal procurement process
  • Leave request
  • Master data management
  • Training management
  • User requests management
  • User rights management

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