Ideas and examples of JobRouter implementations

Holiday application

JobRouter® assumes the formalities for the request of holidays and supplies all affected persons with the necessary information.

Digital personal file

The digital personal file (also called electronic personal file) is a process of managing electronic documents from the personal file. Non-employee-related documents such as form and correspondence templates can be personalised and processed by the procedure. Moreover, approval processes for employee applications can be simplified and evaluations created. All this takes place under the preservation of automatic plausibility and completeness checks as well as the authorisation management.


Electronic Personnel Records

Application management

A solution scenario for the application management provides an overview of the applicant selection processes and their status and is suitable as an interface to the “electronic personal file”.

An endless amount of job profiles can be created. The simple classification allows an automatic comparison of the requirements profile with the applicant data. Interview invitations can be addressed and sent by e-mail at the press of a button. If required, JobRouter® assumes the archiving and hold-file of interesting candidate profiles, supports the HR work with statistics and helps to comply with data protection guidelines.


Application management

Professional travel cost and fee accounting

Travel costs and fee receipts are recorded and automatically checked by means of stored process rules. Approval takes place electronically by the superior. This process reduces the administrative workload by minimising error sources, documenting all activities and ensuring the automatic long-term archiving. Fee recording is simplified for the employee, as he is guided through the form screens and stored helps give him information directly.

Acquire process template as adaptable solution

We offer you this process as a ready solution for implementation. We perform pending changes together with you in order to adapt this solution to your scenario on an individual basis.>

Project examples

Professional Expense Accounting

Business trip processing

Complete business trip processing including external companies such as charter companies or hotels is possible with a JobRouter® workflow.

Booking and billing takes place via JobRouter® instead of via Excel tables. At the same time, this ensures allocation to projects – erroneous bookings and deadline problems are avoided. The data is automatically sent to charter companies and hotels for comparison.

Project examples

Business trip request

Further business processes from human resource
  • Travel expenses calculation
  • Human resources management
  • Onboarding/ Offboarding

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