Ideas and examples of JobRouter implementations

Certification according to QM standards

A certification process assumes complex monitoring functions according to QM standards and documents all actions of individual process steps. Deadline postponements, missed deadlines and the exact flow of each project can be recorded by means of a certification diary. On the basis of this assessment, for example, employees can be appraised and corresponding bonus payments can be made.

Project examples

Order processing and audit process

Support and complaint management

Using JobRouter®, a ticket system can be created with relatively little effort that is exactly orientated towards the needs of the user. In most cases, creating one’s own ticket system with JobRouter® is likely to be simpler than introducing a special system.

A problem or case is relinquished either by the customer/partner or by the manufacturer directly and processed by the support team. Once the process has been started, the customer receives an e-mail via the website indicating that a ticket has been opened. Both the support team and the customer now have an open step to the processing.

Solution Template: Ticket System

Product changes

Product registrations can be organised digitally by JobRouter®. In this process, new registrations and changes to products are recorded, checked, approved and issued. Here, costings of products can also be performed and documented.

Product design

JobRouter is managed the development and manufacturing of new products – regardless of continental borders and ERP systems.

Project examples

Product design process

Feedback process

Every customer-orientated company works on improving its services. Therefore, a regular customer survey seems necessary. However, it is better to receive feedback from customers on a daily basis in an evaluable form. The feedback process provides exactly this. A customer who previously ended a support process receives in his JobRouter® inbox a step that allows him to assess the processor who dealt with his problem.

Change and demand management

It is in the nature of all projects that changes to the original planning can occur. This often leads to conflicts when it comes to the billing of additional work. Therefore, exact documentation of the desired changes is very helpful.

Thanks to the process, desired changes can be taken on in chronological order and processed promptly. It is documented very precisely who has made what changes at which time. Each change can be checked and accepted by the customer.

Project management

The workflow management system JobRouter helps to implement new projects quickly and in a coordinated and audit-proof manner.

The project status can be viewed at any time and from any place and responsibilities can be set clearly. Compulsory documentation according to German and international law can be implemented bindingly.

Project examples

Project management

Further business processes from quality management
  • ArtWorks approval
  • Change request process
  • Construction planning process
  • SOP management (Standard Operating Procedure)
  • Support process / Ticket system

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