Use scenarios in SALES

Ideas and examples of JobRouter implementations

Customer enquiries

Here, the JobRouter® workflow replaces paper-bound processes for the creation of a quote in which production sites or departments at different locations are often involved.

As an option, written enquiries, drawings and specifications of a customer enquiry can be scanned into pre-defined import indices. When the “Customer enquiry” process is started, these work documents are automatically loaded so that the quote can be processed. In various process steps, documents that are still lacking or documents in need of replacement can be uploaded manually.

Information download

This process offers documents to be sent automatically. The advantage over the usual download link is that one retrieves the contact details of the interested party in the process. Thus, the service provider always has an overview of the whereabouts of its offered documents.

Quote approval

Incoming enquiries from interested parties are processed by the sales department using a process like this one.

The product or price enquiry received by post or e-mail is first digitalised and forwarded to corresponding administrators in JobRouter® as a process step. The administrator adds the missing information in the retrieval dialogue so that all the information relevant to making a decision on the delivery of a quote appear in transparent fashion in the screen.

Subsequently, the process is passed on to the competent sales employee as a workflow step. This employee assesses the enquiry using the available information and prepares a quote. Here, JobRouter® obtains the data from a connected CRM and ERP system. All the accumulated data is formed into a PDF and provided for print or as an e-mail attachment. If required, the sales employee attaches a product description in PDF format, which he obtains from JobRouter®’s own archive. In the event of the documents being sent by post, all the documents are printed out in a manner compliant with the corporate design at the press of a button.

Compilation of product sheets

At many producing companies, it is necessary to compile extracts of product-related documents, spare part catalogues or other technical data digitally on an individual basis and to send them in an access-proof manner.

The solution JobTechDocGuard is able to split PDF documents from the JobRouter® archive and to recompile them in the process by means of page number information. In the process, a water mark as well as a header and a footer are printed on the document so that the document cannot be misused. All page formats are supported and corresponding information is scaled on the document.

Starting from a certain file size or the selection of several files, the files created are merged and offered for download as a ZIP file.

Acquire process as finished solution

We offer you this process as a finished solution for implementation. We perform pending changes together with you so as to adapt this solution to your scenario on an individual basis.

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