Outgoing Invoice Processing with JobRouter®

Process automation has many advantages when it comes to the company-wide creation of outgoing invoices. Instead of the manual creation of invoices (with Word or Excel) JobRouter® creates corporate design conform invoices in PDF format. Based on their uniform formats these invoice documents are also analyzable data. Foreign standards (SAP®, ZUGFeRD ,…) can be taken into consideration throughout the whole JobRouter® document creation process.

The outgoing invoice creation process offers the possibility to create outgoing invoices in separate specialist departments and approve them according to the given authorization hierarchy. The process offers several methods for invoice distribution and delivers the data to established financial accounting applications. So decentrally recorded invoice data can be provided to a centralized company and corporation accounting.

Your advantage:

  • • The accounting department receives all information from a decentrally recorded invoice and releases and can process those accordingly.

Sequence of the outgoing invoice process

with the modules JobFeRD, JobPDF and JobArchive.

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