General questions

Is working with JobRouter complicated for the users?

The web application is very easy to use for the user. In JobRouter®, there are always forms that are filled, sometimes automatically, sometimes by the user. Fields set as "required" ensure that no entry is forgotten. After the user is finished with a step, he simply clicks on the "Send" button. Working with JobRouter® is so easy that many companies only use a short email explanation or a short video to introduce processes.

For which sectors and departments is JobRouter® suited?

JobRouter® is completely sector independent and can be used in all departments. JobRouter® allows you to depict any process you can imagine. It does not matter if it is the classical invoice verification or every form used in your company. From the inbox to human resources processes - everything is possible. And thanks to the simple licensing model, you do not even have to buy new licenses if you want to introduce new processes.

How can I ensure that my processes are guaranteed to be executed exactly as they were defined and/or certified?

Processes depicted in JobRouter® are guaranteed to be executed exactly as they were defined and are guaranteed to comply with all defined rules. Data, for example, is entered in forms or retrieved from other databases and with one click on "Send" the process instance moves to the next step. This means that companies are able to ensure that the process is followed and that nothing is lost, allowing employees to concentrate on their tasks. Also, changes to processes, for example new amount limits, can be implemented instantly and will not cause confusion or initial errors anymore.

What kind of process can I depict with JobRouter®?

You can depict all kinds of processes in JobRouter®:

  • Document-related processes (Processing and release of incoming or outgoing documents)
  • Document-free processes ("Everything that is started inside the company with a form...")
  • Operational processes (Business processes of the core competencies of a company)
  • Auxiliary processes (Business processes for internal administration)

Example processes:

Procurement request, auditing, ticket system, order processing, travel expense accounting, travel authorization request, contract management, master data creation, drawing approval, rights request, recertification, inbox, car pool management, invoice creation, training management,...

How much training effort is needed for the users?

The user requires no training, as the final JobRouter processes can be used intuitively.
A basic training of 1 to 4 days is offered for JobRouter process designers.

How can I introduce transparency into the processes of my company?

With JobRouter®, you always have a clear overview over all processes of your company. As the process owner, you can always see in which state the instances of a process are. Everything is properly documented and you can review at any time who decided on what for which data situation. A large advantage for certifications and quality management.

We already have a number of business applications in our company. Some of them also provide workflow features. Why would I now also need the workflow management system JobRouter®?

Most business processes encompass multiple applications or do not even have a respective specialized application. For this reason, it would make little sense to depict a workflow, for example, in a document management system, if data from an ERP or accounting system is also required. Doing so in the independent workflow management system JobRouter® makes sense. The user has just one application left to work with. And if data from other applications is needed or has to be written into them, JobRouter® will simply do it for you.