Travel Expense and Expense Reports Accounting with JobRouter®

Travel expense and expense reports are recorded and checked automatically according to the lodged process rules. Their release is done by the supervisor electronically. Employees can create an expense report by gathering all necessary data in the start form and upload all respective receipts in the form of attachments. If an expense report is not created by the employee concerned, e.g. by a secretary, it is necessary that the report is released by him. This function is also available through a mobile device. For this, a PDF is created from the bill and send by e-mail while the bill is booked by the accounting department.

This process reduces the administrative burden by minimizing the number of potential errors in advance, documenting all activities and securing the automated long-term archiving. Additionally, recording of the expenses is simplified, as the employee is supported by the lodged assistance and is leaded through the form mask.

Your advantages:

  • Security in data protection
  • Reduced manual additional work and transparency despite a higher data volume
  • Reduced error rate & number of queries
  • Optimized time management

Grafik eines Spesen-Prozesses

Ablauf des Spesen-Prozesses

Each employee can start the process via the step “Create expense report”. Here the employee can record an expense report for himself or another college.

First the start and the end of the trip is selected in the calendar and the aim of the trip and the destination are added in the free-text field. The expense positions have to be divided into expense categories. Available are general expenses, hospitality, gifts, hotel costs, kilometer, accommodation and food allowance. Depending on the expense category chosen before, further expense categories are offered in an additional column. In the expense category “General Expenses” costs, such as taxi, rail journeys, flights, etc. can be selected..

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