JobRouter® Release 4.3 optimizes mobile content management and user experience

DocumentHub facilitates management of documents and files/ Mobile scan app increases convenience for travel expense accounting and backup of receipts / Additional dashboard views for customized working environments

Mannheim, xx. October 2018 - JobRouter AG, a globally active manufacturer of a cross-industry low-code digitization platform for step-by-step or comprehensive business process digitization, today introduced the latest JobRouter® Version 4.3. A new addition is the "DocumentHub", an integrated data repository for all types of documents that can be automatically exported as PDF files and further processed in the process when needed. The DocumentHub is now also available for mobile use via the JobRouter® scan app. This has been completely renewed and improved in terms of user experience, document recognition and data capture. The update also includes new content and data management features as well as improvements for users and process designers.

Business processes often require documents that are either locally available or need to be digitized. With the JobRouter® DocumentHub, users now have an integrated collection point in which their data and documents can be dragged and dropped and managed via a personal list. You can view the files, open them in the JobRouter® Viewer 2 and delete them and you can comment on any file.

Mobile document capture with the JobRouter® Scan App

Using the JobRouter® scan app, documents and files can be scanned on the go and managed via the DocumentHub. Users can either photograph documents directly and scan or upload documents from the local gallery to the DocumentHub for immediate use in their processes and archives. This also includes editing, redacting or commenting on captured documents and images in the app. All scanned documents are automatically converted to PDF format.

Each user can register with several JobRouter® instances on the scan app - via a QR code on the JobRouter® dashboard or via user name and password. The data of the individual organizations always remain separate from each other.

More features in JobRouter® 4.3

  • Sign PDF files electronically using digital certificates with JobPDF
  • Display of PDF, image, office and text files as well as e-mails in JobViewer 2
  • Full-text search for PDF, image files and Office documents
  • Dashboard extension with customized categories for a better overview
  • Maintenance mode for processes for secure change management
  • Validating of dialog boxes with regular expressions
  • Logging of changes to data records and field validation
  • Optimized performance when processing system activities
  • PHP 7.2 support

 With this release, the JobRouter® platform networks data, documents and processes even more integrally and thus promotes more efficient work in the digital office. The technological innovations should help users to access their familiar working environment at any time and from anywhere and to obtain better traceability and transparency of work progress.

JobRouter® Release 4.3 optimizes mobile content management and user experience
JobRouter® Release 4.3 optimizes mobile content management and user experience

About JobRouter

JobRouter AG is a globally leading provider of a cross-industry process automation and digitisation platform for customers of all company sizes. With this, JobRouter supports companies to optimise their workflow, archive their data and documents efficiently and digitise their internal and external business processes. The different JobRouter modules also allow expanding and customising the solutions according to the requirements. This gives companies a comprehensive and tailored system with a variety of agile interfaces.

Together with an international network of around 160 partners and subsidiaries in the UK, Morocco, Turkey and Poland, the JobRouter Group supplies more than 1000 customers worldwide. Including leading companies such as Euromaster, HARIBO, HELMA Eigenheimbau, Hochschule Konstanz, Klöckner & Co., MEYER WERFT, S&G Automobil, Thomas Cook, Universität Bern or ZF TRW

The JobRouter Group is headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, with 96 internationally operating employees. Further information can be found at

JobRouter® - The Digital Transformation Platform

JobRouter® is a flexible and independent platform for the digital enterprise transformation and helps to digitise and automate any business processes, data or document management. Due to its multitude of agile interfaces, JobRouter® can easily be integrated into any system environment and supports both document-based and data-driven processes. In addition, JobRouter® is entirely web-based and is available as on premise or as cloud solution. It therefore allows to map, manage and monitor processes across all geographies. The JobRouter® platform can also be extended with additional modules, as soon as the business structure changes or further process or application requirements arise. Furthermore, the processes do not get lost with the version change and can be used afterwards without any adjustments.

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