Product description JobRouter® Version 3.9

From Workflow specialist to comprehensive digitization platform: JobRouter®

In 2003, today's JobRouter AG first presented its eponymous workflow management system with the goal of converting manual work steps into digital processes and mapping those processes in a practical manner. Since then, the product offerings have been steadily expanded: a powerful process automation at the core of the solution, agile document management, integrated low code modules, powerful SOAP & REST APIs and interfaces to additional systems such as ERP, CRM or databases as well as the possibility of own application development, now form the components of the industry-independent, scalable JobRouter® platform. With JobRouter®, companies are now able to efficiently exchange their data between solutions and create seamless, digital processes.

JobRouter AG represents an approach that promises enterprises agility and scalability, while at the same time they are offered greater visibility into their processes and the possibility to adapt those processes to changing requirements.

On the following pages, you will learn more about the JobRouter® core competences for efficient process, data, and document management and our expandable modules. Get a first impression of the endless number of possible applications!

JobRouter® Digital Transformation Platform

Digitally model, adapt and control your processes with

JobExplorer I JobGlobaltime I JobMail Connect I JobMultilanguage I JobOrder Match I JobIris I JobPGP I JobRobot I JobSAP BAPI I JobSAP TableSync I JobSelect I JobShift I JobStart I JobSub I JobSync I JobTable I JobTimer I JobViewer

Agile Document Management

Revision-proof archiving of any multilingual document according to the strict auditing standards IDW PS 880 with JobArchive.

Data extraction from digital receipts and document creation with JobPDF and JobFerd.

Efficient Data Management

Easily create, edit and manage master data tables - directly from the JobRouter® surface with JobData.

Intelligent Document Recognition

Intelligent evaluation and editing of documents with JobMind Head and JobMind Bau.

Application Examples

With the JobRouter® digitization platform you get a central solution, which can be adapted to your requirements and wishes. Several interfaces, extendable system activities and modules as well as the interactive JobRouter® Dashboard make this possible!

Electronical Invoice Processing

Almost no other process is as document-intensive and requires more additional manual work than invoice processing. But JobRouter® enables you to handle incoming and outgoing invoices in a fully digitized way. Thus invoices with up to 350 pages can be scanned, validated and processed in less than 20 minutes. The integrated JobRouter® archive stores all documents and files, while each process including all process steps is additionally documented as audit-trail.

Automatic Invoice Auditing

With the digitization of the invoice auditing process, lead times from order alignment to the booking and payment of invoices can be consistently lowered. This time advantage results in discounts which can be exploited to a greater extent. Also, delivery conditions can be better negotiated and controlled regarding their compliance.

Application Management

A manual or partly digitized application management system is time and resource-intensive. In contrast, HR and special departments benefit from automated JobRouter® processes offering more clarity, transparent decision-making procedures and simplified work steps.

Electronic Personnel File

Data protection, control and completeness have first priority for electronic personnel files. As a “messaging service”, JobRouter® is set between information, tasks and users, combining these and assigning the according process steps. So users are enabled to work more productive and compliant.

Product description JobRouter® - Application examples

Order Process

The electronic order process via JobRouter® is not only faster but better controllable than the conventional procedure with printed documents. It helps keeping the budgets and delivers reliable values for future budgeting.

Expense Report

Expense reports should be handled quickly, though they have to meet several internal standards: Thanks to JobRouter®, the private bank Metzler is now able to digitally map process structures quickly, which means improved usability, reduced costs for incident and maintenance and less time spent on recording permissions.

Client quote

The main difference between JobRouter® and other systems is that thanks to the strong workflow component you can dig pretty deep until the end.

– Henrik Heller, Manager of the IT, customer project and advice, and software quality assurance department at Euroimmun AG

Digital transformation through independent process management

JobRouter® integrates into your existing IT environment – and unleashes its full potential!

With JobRouter® you have the possibility to create even very complex business processes yourself and to visually present and perform workflows. JobRouter® enables an independent process management. But what does this mean?

Many business processes require data from several IT systems. By using isolated applications import resources can be lost and you are losing track. Our digitization platform works differently: JobRouter® automates manual intermediate steps and displays all processes transparently. By using various interfaces, JobRouter® takes hold of all company applications and legacy systems, collects data and documents from different sources, edits these and supplies information during the business process at the right time. For this, JobRouter® uses own functions, which are not known by e.g. BPM, ERP or DMS systems, and expands the range of possibilities by doing so.

These so called “Workflow Engines”, as they are offered in ECM or DMS systems, are integrated components. This means, that they can’t offer purely data-related and cross-application processes at all or only with the imposition of considerable higher additional workload.

JobRouter® is independent: It supports document and data-related processes – creating a significant additional value for your digital workplace.

JobRouter® communicates with a whole range of different applications or systems and connects all business levels. These include: the operating system level, data retention level with databases and archives and the application level with financial accounting, personnel management, customer management or office applications. As a standard interface, JobRouter® is a control center that allows users to manage all tasks and steps from one dashboard. Users gain greater transparency, work more efficiently and are less prone to error.

Product description JobRouter® - Process management

Create your individual digital office with the JobRouter® digital transformation platform

More than workflow management, more than just BPM, ECM or DMS

Digital transformation affects the entire company! That’s why your digital solution should start exactly at this point:

Processes differ from company to company. That’s why static solutions will never be able to meet al requirements. In contrast, the efficient and agile JobRouter® development environment adapts perfectly to these circumstances. No matter, whether the complexity of a process, the varying number of users or a change of version needs to be taken into consideration – with JobRouter®, you name your requirements and realize them within a JobRouter® process. Protect your investment and benefit from the new chances offered by efficient digital processes at the same time.

This pragmatic approach enables a rapid project implementation.

JobRouter® is based on marketable standard technologies, while the JobRouter® digitization platform is installed centrally on a webserver. This has, among other things, the advantage that common database systems can be used and the user is able to work with his familiar browser. Additionally, JobRouter® can be scaled across many servers and can grow along with all requirements of a local or mobile workplace – as On-Premise or SaaS license.

That’s what makes JobRouter® so special:

- Digitization platform which protects your investments and offers higher efficiency by creating truly digital processes
- Easily scalable technology with a unique application framework
- Easy, low code process modelling for practical use
- Maximum flexibility and expandability through licensable modules
- Central solution for more transparency over processes, documents and data
- Creation of multilingual processes across time zones
- Easier digital transformation of analogue processes through solution templates
- Integrated, multilingual, and audit-proof archive
- Integrated, efficient master data management
- Possibility to edit invoices according to UStG § 13

Product description JobRouter® - Process management

Lean Process – what does this mean?

The JobRouter® digitization platform helps streamline and optimize processes for digital work. That means: Structures, overloaded by the orientation towards documents, and the efforts for index data maintenance are reduced, evitable media breaks isolated, inefficient steps automated and transparency created. Thus control and clarity are only one click away.

JobRouter® system activities enable you to run business processes effectively without mistakes and free users from monotonous tasks. Those functionalities can either be configured individually or run without any user interaction, like the implementation of users or roles or the supervision of directories. Additionally, they can be used as interfaces to other systems, supporting the creation of seamless, lean processes, and optimizing the communication within the whole company. Preselected system activities are already available with the JobRouter® basic license, further system activities and modules can be implemented according to the process.

JobRouter® makes it easier than ever to determine process requirements in advance – or to adapt them at a later date. All processes, screen dialogs, rules and data which are necessary for the process, are defined in advance and developed, tested and documented with the JobRouter® Designer. Thanks to the low code approach it is also possible to create simple processes without any programming knowledge. The JobRouter® Designer provides the suitable environment for programming in JavaScript, SQL, .Net or PHP for more complex tasks.

Additionally, the consequent utilization of web technologies simplifies mapping, management or control of comprehensive cross-site processes. Thereby the basis for collaborative work 4.0 is born!

  • Seamless - because JobRouter® interacts with your systems and employees
  • Lean – because JobRouter® implements real digital processes
  • Efficient – because JobRouter® reduces additional manual workload
  • Individual – because JobRouter® adapts to your requirements and wishes
Product description JobRouter® - Process management

The perfect interface for all user groups

Working with JobRouter® as a user

Design processes with JobRouter®

JobRouter® configuration for admins

JobRouter® for process owners

Product description JobRouter® - Process management

Working with JobRouter®

The Dashboard: User-friendly and clear

After you log in to JobRouter® you will be directed to the agile dashboard that shows different information boxes (Widgets). Administrators, Process Designer, and users have the possibility to easily add customized elements via drag and drop or use the integrated default widgets. Currently, there are three types of widgets in JobRouter®: A counter, Inbox, and Favorites element.

In addition, your own JobRouter® application can be personalized. A profile picture as well as integrated info, success, and error messages based on the JavaScript API create transparency and simplify the overview for the users. The color-highlighted counter element also helps you to view start steps, as well as to survey, complete and handle new steps and tasks. Numerous help settings and customizable menu items simplify the incident and support flexible, mobile work.

Users can design their own dashboard by choosing from existing or creating new widgets.
Product description JobRouter® - Process management

The Inbox: View and edit processes

Each user can see all tasks in his personal JobRouter® Inbox. Additionally, the user can be informed about new incoming tasks by e-mail. The Inbox can be filtered and sorted by different criteria. Special Inboxes for special processes (e.g. for invoice receipt) simplify the view on process data (e.g. invoice number, creditor, date).

Individual processes are edited in freely customizable dialogs. There process data are displayed and, if applicable, edited. Additional scripts can be integrated in the dialogs to support the call of external applications or for evaluating the inserted data.

Product description JobRouter® - Process management

Step processing: Everything covered

You can decide for every process step by whom and how it should be edited. This practical feature will help you with that:

Assign / Request

An electronically depicted process can not cover 100% of all real-life cases. To enable you to address everyday issues with the necessary flexibility, JobRouter® offers an assignment and request feature to provide the possibility to integrate additional persons into the process. The assignment feature enables the delegation of tasks, while the query feature offers the possibility to place questions to another JobRouter® user and continue the process based on this decision.

Batch processing

Users working on multiple instances of one process have now the possibility to use batch processing to view all of these instances automatically and successively. They don’t have to be called one by one. This increases the user comfort and work can be performed faster in JobRouter®.

Product description JobRouter® - Process management


JobRouter® enables you to postpone process steps for a certain period of time and to activate them later again as resubmissions. The user can activate the postponement either directly when editing a process step or via the JobRouter® rules. The postponement date can be chosen freely and can be set by defining minutes, hours, days or a specific date.

Substitution Management

Each user can select a substitute for each job function, where he is a member. This can be activated anytime to have the tasks of the user processed during his absence. It is possible to choose different substitutes for different tasks.

Document Attachments

Any number of documents of different file types can be attached to any instance, running through the company according to the process definition. So for example, invoices can be attached as images, PDF files, but also as Word files. After completion of the process, the files are either handed over for archiving to a document management system, or moved in a certain directory, or deleted.


On request, JobRouter® users are automatically notified about new process steps by the system via e-mail. Additionally, collective notifications can be created for each user. JobRouter® summarizes all existing tasks of a user and provides him with an according list. Time-critical tasks are taken into account.

Product description JobRouter® - Process management

Process design




JobRouter® Process Designer

With the process designer, you can quickly and easily map your business processes in JobRouter®. The designer can be accessed from any workplace via web browser. Depending on the complexity it needs only a few clicks to create a process or step: define process steps and rules (e.g. for forwarding) and determine a table structure for storing data and dialogs for the display and the editing values. And off you go!

A process graphic simplifies the mapping of the process and allows quick editing of individual steps. The complete process, including the process history, can be documented and printed as a document.

Additionally, dialogs, which are used to display or edit the process data, can be created with the integrated dialog editor. The user is free to choose from different elements, which can be configured and added to the dialog individually. Typical elements are e.g. the textbox for displaying and editing incident data, or list fields for the selection of job functions for the following process steps. There are also many configurable settings available to define timeouts, position tables, or interfaces to other systems. Each process created in the system can be exported and imported in another system at any time.

Product description JobRouter® - Process management

Types of Process Management

Besides sequential processing, JobRouter® supports parallel processing of process steps as well. It is possible to define the process so that several steps with different dialogs and different job functions can be activated simultaneously. The process does not continue until all steps within the parallelization are processed.

Such parallelization can also be generated dynamically during the process flow. So, for example, different parallel steps are activated, but the job functions and users are only set during the editing.

Parallel Sequential
In this workflow scenario, several steps are activated in parallel. These steps can be edited independently by different users and job functions. This means that one or more following process steps are activated only after all process steps of the parallelization have been completed. The standard workflow management is sequential. Here for every step a subsequent step is defined, which is only activated after editing the leading step.
Product description JobRouter® - Process management

System activities

With system activities, any functionality can be added to a JobRouter® process, which than can be performed without any user interaction. A system activity can also be used as an interface e.g. to communicate with an ERP system. Popular features are: archive documents, create users, change job function, and send e-mails.

The following system activities are integrated in the JobRouter® Designer by default:

System activity Description
User Function to create, change, delete, or block users.
Job Functions Function to create and manage (temporary) job functions.
CSV Import/ Export Function to import CSV files in a subtable or export CSV files from a subtable.
Data-Management Function to read, add, edit, and delete data in a database.
DocuWare Independent JobRouter® module, which performs DocuWare actions. Theseinclude: Categorize, archive, export, copy, move, or delete a document, attach, annex, and read index data.
E-mail dispatch JobRouter® e-mail interface sending e-mails to an SMTP server.
JobArchive Independent JobRouter® module, which performs common archive actions.
JobFerd Extract an XML file from valid ZUGFeRD invoices and insert data in process tables or process subtables.
JobMind This system activity reads the header of any invoice.
JobPDF Function to create PDF files based on predefined templates.
JobSAP Module, which communicates via APIConnectX interface with SAP®.
JobSAP BAPI Module, which performs various SAP BAPIs via web server.
JobSimultan Interface for reading and writing data and running transactions in Sage Simultan.
JobPGP Function to encrypt and decrypt files by using PGP.
Shell Execute Function to define and parameterize a program to execute it within a process on the server.
Product description JobRouter® - Process management


After the completion of a step, the decision to activate subsequent steps is made by rules defined in the process, by analyzing the incident data. Depending on whether one or several subsequent steps are necessary, parallel step or split incidents (split) are started. These perform all actions defined in the rules automatically.


Steps can be defined so that it is possible for the user to forward them directly to other users or directly activate other steps of the process.

Database usage

JobRouter® supports the database systems Microsoft SQL-Server, ORACLE, MySQL and DB2. In these systems, the JobRouter® database can be installed and operated. JobRouter® stores all relevant incident data in this database.

Database access

JobRouter® can access other database systems to use their data in any incident. Other databases can be accessed within user dialogs or rules. Additionally, there is the possibility to perform database queries in user dialogs. This data can be provided for example as a picklist. In the rules, actions can be performed on the database, for example, the change of records or creation of new records. JobRouter® provides the possibility to access Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE, MySQL und DB2 directly. Additionally, an ODBC connection can bet set to almost any database system.


JobRouter® provides functionalities for defining timeouts during the editing of workflow steps. This means that for each incident step a certain number of days can be defined, in which the step has to be processed. When this period has exceeded or other definable points are reached, a "reminder e-mail” will be sent automatically to a freely selectable receiver (editor of this step, job function member, process owner, etc.), containing the information about the escalated incident step. Of course, it is also possible to assign automatic steps to other users or job functions.

Product description JobRouter® - Process management

Position levels

JobRouter® offers the possibility to extend the dialogs for data display with table views. Thereby e.g. invoice or order items can be displayed. Process users can view, change or expand the data, depending on the configuration.

Item Table

The process can be expanded by any number of item tables, in which item data is saved, additionally to the saving of the process data.


Different views can be created for item tables, which define the data display in the dialogs. It is possible to e.g. only display selected columns of the item table in specific dialogs or to limit the view to individual rows. Such a restriction can be done by cost center numbers, amounts or job functions.


JobRouter® offers the possibility to automatically calculate item amounts, taking into account the number, unit price and tax key. Additionally, sums can be formed through the individual columns of the table.


The item levels in JobRouter® can also be used in process steps performed in parallel. This makes it possible to clearly differentiate areas of responsibility on item level. For example: The items of an invoice can be processed by multiple administrators of one cost center at the same time.

Product description JobRouter® - Process management

Process design




Monitoring with JobRouter®

For each implemented JobRouter® process, several process owners can be defined. Each process owner has now the possibility to monitor all process steps assigned to him. With the incident overview of all running processes he can get information on the status of each incident and, if necessary, intervene administratively in a process. In order to keep the view clear, it is possible to filter and sort the list according to certain criteria (e.g. running or completed processes, process names, incident, etc.). With the step overview it is possible to keep the overview on process step level or to intervene administratively in a process.

Product description JobRouter® - Process management

Process design




Application Administration

The administration of the system is performed on the usual JobRouter® interface in the browser.

Graded rights are assigned to users, so certain areas can be managed easier. Hence, for example, the administration of users and substitutes can be activated separately for the secretariat, while the system configuration and checking of the development environment via the JobRouter® Designer remain reserved for the administrator.

Each user can be a member of various job functions and fulfill different job functions in several processes. JobRouter® has its own user and job function management system. Its synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory is also possible.

Agile document management

Digitizing and storing documents are things of the past. Nowadays, digital invoices are checked, signed and, if necessary, changed directly on the monitor. A sophisticated rights and job function management is meant to facilitate the control and compliance when working with sensitive documents, while a centralized archive system can handle all formats and remains open for new standards.

The digital management of documents becomes a flexible task that demands an equally agile solution.

Though documents are still an important part of the digital process, the number of data-driven processes is increasing. This requires a new mindset concerning digital strategies and a system that allows this change.

The work with digital documents means for JobRouter® a symbiosis of process and document management. Because with JobRouter®, processes can be configured with or without document-relation and contain functions to manage the document access or action. Additionally, JobRouter® offers with the module JobArchive a legally compliant archive that is completely integrated into the digitization platform. Users can easily work on one surface throughout all tasks and process designers don’t need to create complex interface configurations any more, as all JobRouter® processes, including all steps, documents and actions, are documented, so that users receive certifiable processes.

Therefore, JobRouter® is optimally suited as a comprehensive solution for agile document management and covers all sections - starting with the input management, to the display, processing, and archiving or the use of structured data, until the output management. The fields of application remain almost endless, thanks to numerous additional modules!


Archiving with JobArchive

Document processing

Input management with JobStart

Data integration with JobSAP BAPI

Receipt generation with JobPDF

Product description JobRouter® - Agile Document Management

These JobRouter® solutions enable agile document management:

Document Input

  • Manuel filing
  • Monitoring of e-mail inboxes and directories
  • Integration of Outlook and Windows Explorer
  • Capturing of invoices via OCR
  • Capturing of ZUGFeRD invoices
  • Capturing of PDF forms

Document Management

  • Storage in archives
  • Integrated search client
  • Access directly from the workflow
  • Full-text search

Document Output

  • Filling Word templates
  • PDF document creation
  • Filling-in PDF forms
  • ZUGFeRD invoice creation

Product description JobRouter® - Agile Document Management


JobRouter® JobArchive is a document management system that is completely integrated in the application framework. This integration into JobRouter® business processes is enabled via both a system activity and various dialog elements as well as a dialog integration to display all documents in the Viewer. Therefore, process and document management merge into a single integrated solution. Especially when accessing documents within a process, the JobRouter® user benefits from the process managing the rights for document display.

This means: The person, who works on an incident in JobRouter®, where specific documents are relevant, is enabled to see all related documents.

The graphic shows the system structure of the JobArchive module.

If substitutions are defined or steps are assigned to other users in JobRouter®, they do have the appropriate rights to view or, if necessary, edit these documents. A second and JobRouter®-independent rights structure, with complicated maintenance and up-dating handling, is no longer required.

Product description JobRouter® - Agile Document Management

JobArchive Functions

Create Archives

JobArchive offers the possibility to create any number of archives. Each archive can manage any number of index data. These can be text fields, numbers, decimal numbers or date values.

Multilingual Archives (JobRouter® Enterprise)

For each archive, the archive name as well as the index columns can be translated. This function facilitates e.g. the display of result lists and the personalized archive view in a defined language. Multilingual archives are only available in connection with the JobRouter® Enterprise Edition.


You can activate the "De-duplication" option in any JobArchive. It automatically detects files that have been archived twice and saves them only once in the file system. This is also a cross-archive function. Especially when it comes to documents that have been sent via e-mail to different recipients in the company, it can make sense to save them in various archives with different index data. A double storage on the file system, however, is unnecessary.


Documents that were stored in JobArchive can be versioned. An automatic version control can be activated, which generates a new version when a file is changed.

Product description JobRouter® - Agile Document Management

Audit-proof Filing

For an audit-proof filing of documents, each archive can be defined accordingly to disable the deleting of documents. In this case and depending on the configuration, new audits of a document can be created and saved, but once filed documents can no longer be changed.

JobRouter-Archiv ist zertifiziert nach GOB

Archive Certification

The auditing company Ernst & Young certifies the successful testing of the JobRouter® software. JobRouter® and the module JobArchive have been tested, according to the strict testing standard IDW PS 880, both for their compliance with GoBS (DE) and for their save transaction of processes relevant to posting and audit-proof archiving of documents.

Recording of all Archive Accesses and Events

It is important for audit-proof document archiving that all actions performed for one document can be documented. It can be decided for each archive separately, whether the storing, changing or deleting of documents together with its reading and downloading should be recorded by JobRouter®. The administrator has access to the result log and can review the recorded events for each individual archive. For each event, a link to the triggering workflow is saved, which allows retracing the context of the action at a later date.

Product description JobRouter® - Agile Document Management

Selection of Storage Locations

JobArchive allows you to choose how to store your documents. The following storage adapters are currently available:

File System

This storage adapter guarantees that the documents are saved within an automatically generated directory structure in the file system. This allows the user to save up to one billion documents per archive.


For a completely audit-proof archiving of JobArchive documents, FAST LTA's SilentCubes can be used as storage location. This prevents further changes of the stored documents. During the archiving process, JobArchive automatically checks if a document was successfully archived on the Cube. So the complete JobRouter® process becomes audit-proof.

Simple Integration in other Applications

Many applications require the opening of documents from other programs. For example, if a user wants to follow a direct link in the ERP system to an archived receipt without having to manually search for it in the archive. For this, JobArchive offers a URL integration, allowing you to create individual URLs to exactly create one document or one result list. Documents can be either opened in the Viewer or only be available as download.

Product description JobRouter® - Agile Document Management

Integrations facilitate Archiving

Integrations are designed to provide certain functions or external applications directly in a JobRouter® process. For example, it is possible to link the content of a web page or add a document directly as attachment to the dialog.

Windows Explorer Integration

Many users are used to the file storage in a folder structure. To help them get started with JobArchive, JobRouter® offers an archive integration into the Windows Explorer structure. With the JobExplorer module, files can be easily transferred via Drag & Drop in the familiar tree structure and will get automatically archived. The variety of configurations allows to build several different hierarchies (e.g. customer/ document type or customer/ project/ year … ).

The following Windows integrations support Windows operation systems in the 32-bit version: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 und 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2

Outlook Integration

As an add-in for the Outlook Client, the module JobMail Connect enables the audit-proof archiving of e-mails and their attachments in JobRouter® archives.

The installation of JobMail Connect is quick and easily configured via Outlook. From now on, all e-mails received or send via Outlook can be indexed via a storage diagram and archived. Archived e-mails are marked with a symbol, making them easy to recognize. E-mail attachments can be deleted automatically from Outlook - this saves a huge amount of storage space in the inbox.

Opening the attachments is still possible via Outlook or directly from the archive via JobViewer.

The following Windows integrations support Windows operation systems in the 32-bit version: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 und 10 sowie Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2

Supported email software: Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013 und 2016

Web-based Document Viewer

JobArchive provides with its JobViewer module a web-based document viewer, which can display more than 300 file types in any browser without the need to install a corresponding editing program on the client. Thanks to the HTML5 technology no browser plug-ins are necessary.

Product description JobRouter® - Agile Document Management

Document processing

Reading and Creation of ZUGFeRD Compliant Invoices

JobRouter® expanded its range with the JobFerd module to enable the user to create and edit ZUGFeRD compliant invoices. The module offers a system activity that can be integrated in any existing process. So the manual recording of invoices or an OCR-based capturing of invoice data can be dispended totally. Additionally, ZUGFeRD compliant invoices can be created with JobFerd. Also, it is possible to enrich already existing PDF invoices with invoice data to create a ZUGFeRD invoice.

Create ZUGFeRD compliant invoices with JobRouter®

Working with PDF forms

For working with PDF files, JobRouter® offers the JobPDF module and an easily configurable system activity that can be used in any process. With JobPDF you can read out PDF forms and transfer the data to the process. You can also fill in existing PDF forms automatically and then e.g. send or print them.

Work with PDF forms

In many processes, there is a requirement for creating documents based on templates. This includes outgoing invoices, debit notes, or simply process protocols. With JobPDF JobRouter® offers a module for creating complex documents. With the current JobPDF version it is now possible for process designers without special knowledge to create document templates. To do so, Microsoft Word documents can be used as template files. Consequently, all you need is Microsoft Word.

As a special highlight, the process designer can even decide whether he wants a Word or PDF file as output file.

Efficient Data Management

To switch to digital work and digital processes includes the necessity to learn to handle a large number of data and to optimize the utilization of existing tools. For this, a rethink on both sides is necessary: on the one hand, the companies themselves and on the other hand, the supplier of digital tools have to change their approach. Since data are treated as the “gold of the digital age”, its potential needs to be exploited. Thankfully, you can manage your master data with JobRouter® now!

Today, digitally growing companies are more than ever reliant on open and scalable solutions that can react to their requirements and grow efficiency: The JobRouter® technology is addressing exactly this development with its 4th generation version and offers with JobData a module to enable an efficient and integrated data management.

Getting started with JobData: Manage master data easily!

We know from experience that business processes are managed through data. About 70% of these processes use master data, such as cost centers or client and supplier data. Till now, the maintenance of this data had to be done by the IT department or the responsible process designer. This is extensive, means an inefficient use of resources and creates overloaded processes. But with JobData users from specific departments can maintain their master data themselves, without any specific database knowledge needed. This is possible, thanks to an intelligent rights and job role system, together with a seamless interface between the JobRouter® platform and the database.

With JobData, JobRouter® offers a module that can handle these tasks easily via the user interface. Administrators and process designers can create and define any kind of tables and user will get the rights to view, create or maintain their data. Thereby, all functions are integrated seamlessly in the user management and rights system of the JobRouter® platform. So data management becomes even more efficient: JobData can be used to create new tables, utilize existing tables or table structures, and export or import data records via Excel – ready for further processing or the exchange between systems. This means an enormously reduced workload for the process designer.

Product description JobRouter® - Data Management

Create and edit tables

Edit tables with JobData

Normally, the right to create tables is assigned explicitly to process designers. But now, thanks to an easy-to-handle user interface, it is also possible for users without prior knowledge of databases to create and edit own tables simply and fast. Of course, it is also possible to choose already existing tables as source to avoid the creation of new tables. Each table can contain any number of columns, and JobRouter® supports the standard field types, like e.g. text, date fields, decimal numbers, etc. Additionally, key fields can be designed and restrictions set.

Product description JobRouter® - Data Management

Easy data maintenance

Via the administration interface, JobRouter® users can insert, edit or delete data records in JobData tables easily. So data maintenance is no longer only performed by the administrator or process designer, but can be handed over without complications to the specialist departments. From now on, it is possible for all users to search and, if appropriate, edit data records fast and easily.

Access control

Table access can be limited via a specific JobData profile, which was assigned to the users through their job functions. Thereby, the rights of users for accessing specific tables get transparent and manageable. Additionally, it is possible to limit the view on tables and to give access only to a specific selection of tables for editing, or to reduce the selection to certain data records (e.g. only clients of a certain region).

Excel export and import

Users with access to data administration can export data records very easily from a table for further processing as Excel files, so the users can e.g. perform analysis. But the import of data records is possible, too. When uploading an Excel file, the columns will be linked with the target table, enabling a fast import of data records in JobRouter®.

Table transfer

Of course, the exchange of tables between JobRouter® systems is a must, e.g. from the test into the productive system. JobData offers a simple function for the export of tables in terms of files and for their import in another system. If required, not only the table structure but also all data records can be transferred. This means an enormously reduced workload for the process designer.

Examples for typical master data tables:

  1. Suppliers and Clients
  2. Cost centers
  3. Approval matrix
  4. Invoice Ledger
  5. Currency

Intelligent receipt recognition

Digital invoice processing - This includes multiple channel input/output, digital invoice control and, if necessary, modification as well as audit-proof archiving including audit trails. But many documents, like incoming invoices, are still captured manually, transmitted into the system and then checked manually again. This is time-consuming and resources are used in a wrong way, causing high costs.

Reducing manual work, enabling real digital invoice processing, and transparency of costs: With JobMind, the JobRouter® product family offers now not only a powerful DMS component but also practical functions for automated receipt recognition and editing. All JobMind modules are based on OCR technology and integrate easily into the process. So the time-consuming configuration of complex interfaces to external receipt recognition software can be excluded, enabling to benefit from an efficient symbiosis between processes, documents and data.

JobMind Head – Automated Reading of Invoice Information

JobMind Head reads all header data of invoices automatically and transfers the acquired data directly to a JobRouter® process. Thereby information, such as invoice number, invoice date, order number and invoice amount are determined. JobMind Head works out-of-the-box: The module system activity can be integrated into any process. There is no need to learn to handle the module and it is not necessary to create complex templates for each supplier. Additionally, the supplier of the invoice can be determined automatically and assigned to a supplier from an existing master database (e.g. ERP system). This recipient recognition and assignment is also possible for multiple clients.

In connection with the JobArchive module, index data can be generated simultaneously. They provide the input for indexing a document during archiving.

Of course, it is possible that an invoice is not detected 100% correctly by the intelligent receipt reader. The user-friendly JobRouter® interface makes the fast and simple checking, verification and, if necessary, modification of invoices easier and enables requests.

Product description JobRouter® - Intelligent receipt recognition

JobMind Bau - Intelligent invoice processing

With the JobMind Bau module, the modular JobRouter® suite was extended by a so far unique component for the construction sector.It enables the correction and automatic adaption of all invoices directly on the screen. Although it is quite usual to check and correct comprehensive invoices manually, this innovative technology is a real support for the invoice processing procedure.

Thanks to the OCR technology in use, the scanned or electronic incoming invoice is already fully integrated. As the system reads all position levels, all changes and notes concerning the invoice data can be performed and used on the screen. For a better orientation and overview, the header data of the invoice, as well as all audit-relevant data, will be displayed centrally.

Two integrated viewer simplify the traceability: users can browse and edit invoices in parallel. So the persons in charge can detect and correct errors or discrepancies directly in the document. JobMind Bau performs an analysis of all inserted data in the background and repeatedly checks the invoice sum to minimize the number of mistakes and increase efficiency. Thereby it takes all subtotals, rebates and totals into account, checks them and changes the values accordingly. So invoices do not have to be printed before or after a change and it is not necessary to scan them again.

For construction companies and especially with regard to the reverse of the tax liability according to § 13 b UStG, JobMind Bau is useful in more than one sense: First, the invoice recipient can be sure that all services on which its tax liability is based on are correctly recorded and billed. Second, the audit with JobMind Bau is significantly simplified and time-optimized, compared to the conventional workflow.

In contrast to the returns of manually corrected original receipts, with a request for a reissuing by the provider, the provider receives the directly improved original invoice as PDF for further processing.

JobMind Bau in action

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JobRouter® Solution Templates: Hit the ground running

The digital change is proceeding extremely fast – but we let you decide your speed of action!

The JobRouter® Digitization Platform enables you to implement your digital processes target oriented, and in a highly flexible and unique way – benefit from solutions that were exactly adapted to your company structure.

Or make the change from analog to digital within a few days, by using our theme and industry-specific process templates: The JobRouter® Solution Templates map popular default processes to enable their direct use or to ensure that they can be adapted to less complex company requirements with only small efforts.

By using our process templates, new solutions can be implemented in only a few days. Integrated, innovative technologies offer a very large and specialized function range to meet the special requirements of each department. These include for example solutions for collaborative editing of documents or solutions for the legally compliant signing of documents from the screen.

Regardless of the digital strategy you choose, we support your efforts to get the most out of your digital processes!

We continuously refine our product range!

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Product description JobRouter® - Solution Template

Solution Template: Contract Management

Why Contract Management? An optimally defined contract management process supports the whole customer life cycle covering all steps that contain, edit or require contract data. It combines information with sources, gathers intermediate steps, and assigns templates and attachments to all persons involved. These are linked to processes containing the supplier, provider, partner, customer or staff management. So contract management is not only related to contracts but also to all interfaces involved. The seamless information exchange within the automated digital management process helps to grow company efficiency essentially and on the long term.

As soon as the contracts are created, signed, and filed, the contract management process supports their transparency. Many contracts contain ending dates, which determine, when it is possible to terminate, renew or modify them – if they are adhered. Often this deadline expires and in the best case nothing happens – in the worst, unintended costs occur to the company.

The JobRouter® Contract Management process pursues and manages contractual terms, conditions, obligations, and milestones over a specific or non-specific period of time. So contract advantages can be maximized and risks can be reduced.

The benefits of an automatized contract management are:

  • Reduced contract term & risk
  • Lowered loss of revenue & admin costs
  • Increased user acceptance
  • Higher flexibility
  • Larger number of contract extensions
  • Better transparency, compliance, security & control

The JobRouter® Solution Template Contract Management enables you to manage your contracts reliably and to work always compliance conform! The template can be installed in only four hours and in another four hours it is configured and ready for use! Of course, additional adaptions are possible at any time.

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Product description JobRouter® - Solution Template

Solution Template: Product sheet compilation

In many producing companies, it is necessary to compile extracts from product relevant documents, spare part catalogs or other technical data individually or digitally and to deliver them ensure a secure delivery.

The solution JobTechDocGuard can split PDF documents from the JobRouter® archive and merge them via the page information in the process. Thereby a watermark as well as a header and footer will be printed on the document to disable manipulation. The module supports all page formats and scales according information on the document. Exceeding a certain file size – or if multiple files have been selected – files will be merged and offered as ZIP files for download.

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Solution Template: Travel expense and expense reports accounting

JobRouter® records also travel expense and expense reports and checks them automatically according to the lodged process rules. Their release is done by the supervisor electronically. This process reduces the administrative burden by minimizing the number of potential errors in advance, documenting all activities and securing the automated long-term archiving. Additionally, recording of the expenses is simplified, as the employee is supported by the lodged assistance and is leaded through the form mask.

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Work mobile with JobRouter®

JobRouter® combines all the established features of a modular workflow management solution with access to JobRouter® workflows via mobile devices through interactive user interfaces. This mobile access is integrated into all JobRouter® editions as a basic feature and creates separate dialogs, which support the most important input dialog elements - screen-optimized.

Workflow management on the move

Solves simple tasks on the go: view information steps and make decisions directly with your smartphone and tablet. You have access to your Inbox as usual and can edit open steps and upload images and documents easily and quickly.

Automated processes controllable from anywhere

With mobile access, you can save time with many business processes and activities - such as these processes:

• Vacation approval
• Business trip request
• Travel expenses accounting
• Scanning documents

JobRouter® Modules Overview

JobRouter® includes a variety of basic functions that help you to create simple and complex processes. In addition to the basic functions JobRouter® can be extended to a variety of modules. These modules include other useful functions, such as interfaces to other standard systems or functionalities for document processing. Modules can be integrated at various points in JobRouter® ®, for example in workflow dialogs, as well as a system step in a process flow.

The JobRouter® applications with their different, integrated basic functions and additional modules are put together in JobRouter® product packages. We will be pleased to advise you about the JobRouter® product packages. Contact us.

JobArchive - Seamless archive integration

The module JobArchive allows an audit-proof archiving of any documents from multilingual archives and JobRouter® processes. The module JobArchive is included in each JobRouter® basic application, in the version for up to 1000 documents. .

JobArchive Link SAP - Linking of documents from JobArchive with SAP™

The JobArchive Link SAP module supports document archiving via the ArchiveLink interface of SAP for incoming and outgoing receipts.

JobExplorer - JobRouter® archive for Windows fans

The interface JobExplorer allows you to easily integrate JobRouter® archives completely into the Windows file system. The seamless integration of JobExplorer in Windows Explorer provides users a familiar working environment, through which they can access all centrally stored documents. This increases the acceptance and minimizes the training effort.

Product description JobRouter® - Modules

JobGlobaltime - Connecting time zones with JobRouter®

The JobGlobalTime module is a helpful tool to display user-related time zones within a JobRouter® process. This is a benefit for companies that share their business processes with their foreign subsidiaries.

JobMail Connect - Archive e-mails directly from Outlook

The module JobMail Connect allows archiving e-mails by integrating a JobRouter® archive into Microsoft Exchange and all Outlook versions as from 2010. To reduce the load of the e-mail system and to create a central filing in the document pool, archive your business-relevant e-mails directly from the e-mail client. Your archived documents are stored audit-proof, long-term archived and can be retrieved at any time.

JobMind Bau - Intelligent invoice verification

JobMindBau belongs to the product family for evaluation and editing of documents. JobMind Bau is a product for the construction industry and shall be used to verify invoices according to paragraph 13 UStG.

JobMind Head - Intelligent invoice recognition

The module JobMind Head is a module belonging to the product family for intelligently analyzing and editing documents. JobMind Head automatically reads all header data of an invoice and passes the identified data directly to a JobRouter® process. On every other document, the module can be used to identify the supplier.

Product description JobRouter® - Modules

JobMultilanguage - Overcome language barriers with JobRouter®

Internationally operating companies with foreign subsidiaries benefit from the functions of the JobMultilanguage module, as it enables the presentation of JobRouter® processes in user-related languages.

JobOrder Match - Adjustment of positions between invoices and orders

JobOrder Match allows matching positions of incoming invoices to positions of orders or goods receipts. This module is an adjustment dialog which works with extracted header and item data from the recognition of OCR systems, such as SmartFix or JobMindHead and JobMind Bau.

JobIris - Digital batch

The process module JobIRIS acts as an interface between the scan application and the data capturing software SmartFIX.

JobPDF - Easy handling of PDF files

In many processes there are points where you work with PDF documents. Frequently, projects require to create documents and receipts on the basis of process data and to further use them in workflows. These tasks are fulfilled by JobPDF.

Product description JobRouter® - Modules

JobPGP - The safe way

Security and confidentiality are often essential when sending documents. Many JobRouter® processes are used for processing files received by the workflow system as well as files being sent by the workflow system itself, for example via e-mail. To make those transfers more secure, the module JobPGP offers the possibility to encrypt and decrypt files.

JobRobot - Your virtual assistant!

The module JobRobot offers the possibility to execute individual process steps on the server automatically. The input through screen forms by JobRouter® users and clicking “Send” is no longer necessary.

JobSAP BAPI - Calling BAPIs directly

The module JobSAP BAPI communicates directly from JobRouter® with SAP web services and calls BAPI’s. No additional interface software is required.

JobTableSync - Data synchronisations between SAP™ and JobRouter®

With JobSAP TableSync you can synchronize information such as HR or supplier master data from SAP™ with JobRouter®.

Product description JobRouter® - Modules

JobSelect - Keep on top of things

With JobSelect various overview lists can be generated and made available to JobRouter® users. Such an overview can be used for example as an invoice reception book or to create process evaluations.

JobShift – Archive completed processes on the long term

The JobShift module is used to archive completed process instances after a defined period of time and to remove them from the productive system to keep the worklist manageable in JobRouter® and to improve the performance of database accesses.

JobShare – Connect JobRouter® with SharePoint directly

With JobShare it is easy to integrate the JobRouter® workflow in the SharePoint portal. So the JobRouter® Inbox can be displayed in SharePoint and SharePoint lists can be viewed and managed in JobRouter®. Additionally, it is possible to start JobRouter® processes in SharePoint.

JobStart - Automatic start of processes

The module JobStart offers several ways to automatically start processes by using files, e-mails or scheduled tasks.

Product description JobRouter® - Modules

JobSub – Substitutes at the touch of a button

With JobSub JobRouter® users can choose substitutes for themselves for their absence times. When the substitution is activated, the substitute automatically receives the steps in an additional inbox, so that they can access and edit the assigned steps.

JobSync - Testing at a whim

The JobSync module provides you with a complete JobRouter® test environment. This test environment can be installed either on the same server or on a different one. Within the test system you are able to develop, change and test processes independently of the productive environment.

JobTable - Flexible data collection

With the module JobTable subtables can be integrated optionally into JobRouter® processes. These subtables enable saving item data of a process instance, and/or to extent a form with a table. The content of this subtable can be filled by JobServer when a process is automatically started.

JobTimer - Keep an eye on deadlines

The escalation module JobTimer offers the possibility to activate a time-monitoring in JobRouter® and perform different actions depending on these deadlines. The definition of these deadlines can be done at process and step level in minutes, hours or days.

Product description JobRouter® - Modules

JobViewer - Simplify viewing documents

The module JobViewer provides a component for displaying documents and files in JobRouter®. JobViewer displays all documents attached to processes or archived in JobArchive.


For a better overview, the functionalities of JobRouter® are divided into the fields of process management, document management, data management. and intelligent receipt recognition.

Process Management

Document Management

Data Management

Intelligent Receipt Recognition

Process management is further divided into the categories user, process designer and system.

Functionalities in process management


These functionalities of the process management section are particularly interesting for users.

User Process Management
Ad hoc actions - Query: Ad hoc-question to another employee
- Assignment: Handing over the tasks to another employee
Process overview Ability to monitor and interfere in workflow instances for process owners (several process owners per process are feasible).
Batch processing - Optimized dialog control for bulk processing
- Available for each process step
Queue function Automatic distribution of new process steps to the responsible users
Substitution - Definable for each Job Function of a user
- Can be disabled for security relevant Job Functions
Resubmission According to seconds, minutes, hours, days or a certain date
Notifications - E-mail notification of new steps
- Can be activated/disabled by the user
- Direct link to the process in the e-mail
- Statistics e-mail regularly informs about new tasks
Localization Each user can set the display of decimal numbers and date values, as well as the time zone himself.
Time zone Each user can select a time zone for the display of time and date.
Product description JobRouter® - Functionalities

Process Designer

These functionalities of the workflow management section are particularly interesting for process designers.

Process Design Process Management
Workflow of process steps - Sequential
- Parallel
- Split (branch of processes)
- Join (merge processes)
Process rules - Forwarding and activation of subsequent steps
- Dynamic assignment of users and job functions for subsequent steps
- Run SQL statements on other database systems (e.g. MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, DB2)
- Sending e-mail messages (with file attachments)
- Creating export files
- Copy, move and delete file attachments
- Output of process data as a PDF file
- Dynamic assignment of process data
- Rule groups for combining several rules with the same conditions
Dialog Designer - Easy creation of dialogs
- Separation into several pages (tabs) is possible
- Free arrangement of elements in different columns
- Access to many predefined elements and interface functions
Tables - Recording of position data in table form
- Automatic calculation of position amounts, e.g. for invoice control
- Automatic calculation of column totals
- Restrictable views of position data (rows, columns)
- Supports parallel processing of position data
(Enterprise Feature)
Your own processes, dialogs, overviews etc. can be translated into any language.
Access to other databases Microsoft SQL server, ORACLE, MySQL, ODBC, DB2
Supported script languages - JavaScript (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) (from client’s side)
- PHP version 5.6 (32 bit) and 7.0 (32 bit and 64 bit)
File attachments All file types
Export formats XML, CSV, TXT, PDF
Processing deadline Definable and dynamically changeable processing time on process and step level.
Product description JobRouter® - Functionalities
Escalation - Multi-stage escalation
- E-mail notification to responsible lob function members, supervisor, process owners or definable users
- Assignment of escalating steps to other users or job Functions
Central process configuration Important process settings can be managed centrally.
Versioning Any number of process versions can be created.
Process analysis Automatic analysis of the process definition for logical errors
Simulation Possibility to simulate processes in a separate simulation environment.
Portability Export and import of process definitions in XML format
Types of steps - User steps: Form steps to interact with the users
- System steps: Automatic steps to perform server-side actions and navigate interfaces
Automation - Creating new tasks from other applications
- Calling processes from other applications
- Web service interface
- File interface
- E-mail interface
Product description JobRouter® - Functionalities

System specific functionalities

System specific functionalities of the process management section.

System Process Management
Test environment - JobRouter® can be extended by a test environment, where processes can be tested independently to the productive system.
- Processes, instances, users, job functions and further JobRouter® data can be easily transferred between the two systems.
Audit Log - Logging of all administrative tasks in the system
- Logging of all changes made in process definitions
Supported databases JobRouter® can be operated on a Microsoft SQL server, ORACLE and MySQL.
User management - Integrated user management
- Synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory or an LDAP
Authentification - JobRouter® own authentication
- Single Sign-On: identification based on the Windows logon
- LDAP Login: Login with Windows user and password possible
- Token-Login
- Unique authentication methods can be integrated
Login mechanisms - User/ password
- Single Sign-On
- LDAP authentication
- Token Login
Admin monitor Monitoring of all system relevant settings at a glance.
Layout - Various stylesheets are already included by default
- Customization of the user interface to customers’ needs
Languages Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish

Personal languages can be requested or created very easily.
JavaScript API Programming interface for scripting dialogs for process designers.
Load-Balancing JobRouter® can be operated on multiple web servers in the load-balanced mode.
Instances Several instances of JobRouter® can be managed in one installation.
Product description JobRouter® - Functionalities
Test system - One or more test systems can be installed in parallel (e.g. development, test and production)
- Transfer processes, settings and data easily from the application
Categories Processes, overviews, etc. can be assigned to categories for a clearer structure of the application.
Security settings - Password policy
- Configuration of login processes
- IP address filter
- Individual login page
Product description JobRouter® - Functionalities

Functionalities in document management

These functionalities relate to the document management section.

  Document Management
Archive Creating any number of archives
Index data Definition of index fields per archive (text, number, decimal number, keywords)
Fixed and dynamic lists Index flied entries can be predefined by fixed lists Index fields can be dynamically suggested via database accesses (e.g. customer name from the ERP system).
Displaying data Integrated Viewer to display up to 300 file types in the browser.
Search Definition of unlimited archive views for the search of documents in the archive. The assignment of archive views to users is based on the jobfunctions.
Storage location Storage is performed in the file system (protected against direct access) or on a Silent Cube Device.
Rights management Targeted assignment of access rights to archives and documents via archive profiles.
De-duplication Automatic recognition of duplicates. Files can be saved multiple times with different index values, but they are stored only once.
Integration in other applications URL call of individual documents or whole hit lists from other applications.
Audit Log Logging or all accesses to documents in the archive.
Full-text search Integrated full-text search for the contents of archived documents.
SAP Archive Link Optional interface to SAP via the SAP ArchiveLink interface for archiving and calling up documents from SAP, or to link documents from JobRouter®.
Outlook integration Archiving of e-mails and attachments directly from Outlook, using JobMail Connect plugins.
Windows integration Hierarchical search and access to documents directly from Windows Explorer using the Windows Integration JobExplorer.
Workflow integration - Direct access to documents, controlled by the workflow, is possible
- Displaying documents in the workflow
- Change, drop, delete, versioning of documents from the workflow
- Display result lists in the workflow
Creating searchable PDF files Creating PDF files with integrated OCR information based on image files (PDF or Tiff).
Product description JobRouter® - Functionalities
Fill out Word templates - Filling in a Word file using mail merge elements
- Supporting tables
- Inserting of images is possible
- Converting as PDF file is possible
Processing PDF forms - Reading the contents of PDF form fields
- Filling in PDF form fields based on process information
Extracting invoice information from ZUGFeRD compliant invoices - Extracting all ZUGFeRD information
ZUGFeRD compliant invoices
- Based on existing PDF files
- As new PDF file based on a template
Product description JobRouter® - Functionalities

Functionalities in data management

These functionalities relate to the intelligent receipt recognition section.

  Data Management
Table management Administrators and process designers can create any tables and define, which user should be assigned to view and maintain the data
Product description JobRouter® - Functionalities

Functionalities in intelligent receipt recognition

These functionalities relate to the intelligent receipt recognition section.

  Intelligent receipt recognition
Supported files PDF and Tiff
Supplier recognition Recognition and assignment of the supplier of an invoice based on the existing supplier master data.
Recipient recognition Recognition and assignment of the recipient (client) of an invoice based on the existing recipient master data.
Recognition of invoice header data Invoice number, invoice date, net amount, tax amounts, gross amount, order number, currency.
Recognition of invoice items Unit price, quantity, total price, discounts per position.
Extensibility Project-specific extension of the functionality to extract further information

System requirements

JobRouter® is installed on a central server and accessed via the web browser.

Server requirements

Operating systems - Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1 (1)
- Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (1)
- Microsoft Windows 8 Pro (1)
- Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro (1)
- Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (1)
- Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise (1)
- Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
- Microsoft Windows Server 2012
- Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
- Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Only 64bit operating systems are supported.
Webserver - Windows Information Services 7.5
- Windows Information Services 8.0
- Windows Information Services 8.5
- Windows Information Services 10
Database systems - Microsoft SQL Server 2008
- Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express (1)
- Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
- Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express (1)
- Microsoft SQL Server 2012
- Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express (1)
- Microsoft SQL Server 2014
- Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express (1)
- Microsoft SQL Server 2016
- Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express (1)
- Oracle Database 11g
- Oracle Database 11g R2
- Oracle Database 12c
- Oracle Database 12c R2
- MySQL Database Server 5.5
- MySQL Database Server 5.6
- MySQL Database Server 5.7
E-Mail server SMTP-compliant e-mail server

[1] Only suitable for test or presentation systems, as it is not a server operating system.

Product description JobRouter® - System requirements

Client PC requirements

JobRouter® is a web application, therefore only an Internet browser is needed on the user PC to exploit JobRouter®. The following browsers are supported:

Browser - Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 11.0.41)
- Mozilla Firefox (Version 52 ESR and version 53)
- Google Chrome (Version 58)
- Microsoft Edge (as from version 38.14393 to version 40.15063)


The JobRouter campus is your qualified partner for knowledge transfer about the JobRouter® product portfolio for beginner, advanced process developers as well as technical administators.

We offer customized training programms as a standard training in Mannheim or as an individual on-site training.

In addition to traditional classroom trainings, many topics can be found on-line via e-learnings and training videos about specific JobRouter® topics, that can be accessed when needed. Furthermore, we offer regularly scheduled online webinars about JobRouter®, that you do not miss any innovations.

Service & Support

When buying JobRouter® a maintenance contract is concluded automatically. This includes services, such as acess to the online portal, update & patches and support.

We offer an exclusive support, if you need a service not included in the existing maintenance contract. This includes for example the premium or installation service.


Online portal

All JobRouter® users get an access authorization to the online platform of the  JobRouter AG on There you can find information, documentations, videos and updates for free download.
In addition, there are also documented examples of processes for download and use available.

Updates & Patches

As a JobRouter® user, you are informed about any updates by email. You can download and install this from the online portal


Support requests are made and processed through the online portal on

For questions and assistance, please contact the Support Team of JobRouter AG Mannheim.

You can reach us via the hotline
+49 (0) 621/42 646-112,
from Monday to Friday,
8:00 to 12:00 and
1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Product description JobRouter® - Service & Support


Premium Services

The bookable exclusive care "Premium Service" provides specialized professionals of JobRouter AG for your assistance - as often as you need them. An appointment for consultation and your organizational effort for JobRouter® system maintenance is not necessary anymore.

Installations Services

For the installation of JobRouter® profound technical knowledge is required - even if the handling is easy even for the user. By booking the "All-round carefree package" we take care of the installation for you.

Update Services

The rapid product development of JobRouter® requires 4 times a year a new service pack or patch, on average. If you would like to keep your JobRouter® system up to date, you will benefit from the Update Service.