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You may not say it out loud, but gender equality is still a hot potato - and not just for Hollywood. Every day, millions of women all over the world experience injustice and little acceptance. This is not only evident in professions that are more technical, but it is here that the lack of female professionals becomes very evident.

At JobRouter we have therefore made it our goal to set an example. We promote the training of women in technical professions and support female role models in IT. Because whether Grace Hopper or Ada Lovelace; they are all pioneers of technology, and we still profit from that today! But what exactly inspires us about IT? Every Wednesday for one month we will present our #WomeninTech talents behind the software:

Women in High Tech - Working at JobRouter

Women in High Tech - Besa @ JobRouter

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Women in High Tech - Jenny @ JobRouter

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Women in High Tech - Kathrin @ JobRouter

Women in High Tech - Stephanie @ JobRouter

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