Offer Approval with JobRouter®

The sales department can process queries from potential clients with JobRouter®.

The product and price queries arriving by post or e-mail are getting digitalized first, and then they are forwarded as a JobRouter® process step to the respective responsible person. He adds all missing information in the query dialog to make sure that all decision-relevant information that is needed to make an offer is displayed structurally in the mask.

After that, the process is forwarded as a workflow step to the responsible sales employee. He evaluates the query on the basis of the given information and creates an offer. For this, he collects JobRouter® data from the tied CRM and ERP system. All data is merged in one PDF and can be used for printing or to create an e-mail attachment. If necessary, the sales employee attaches further PDF documents from the JobRouter® archive. When sending the offer by post, all documents can be printed out by pushing a button in Corporate Design.

Your advantage:

  • • Unrestricted work in one surface and still access to all relevant data and documents, without having to think about formalities.

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