Digitize travel expense reports - forms are a thing of the past!

The workplace of the future is mobile but even today, employees are still travelling around quite a bit.

Be it cross-location meetings, conferences, further training or events - personal exchange and current living conditions call for flexible working time models. Therefore, the business trip request is part of the standard process in every company, regardless of size. industry or architecture. As a rule, applications for business trips must be submitted and documented in writing. Only after approval - often by several departments, cost centers and superiors - may the business trip begin. This can be a lengthy process, in which the individual tasks cannot be well controlled, it comes again and again to idle times, documents are lost or even the superior is not clearly defined.

Also the question for the correct form for the business trip request or the travel expense account can suddenly become hurdles.   But it becomes particularly tricky when deadlines have to be changed at short notice or have to be met by a representative - and time becomes the most important factor. If the application then remains unprocessed for a longer time, this can lead to high frustration and in the worst case to the cancellation of appointments.

This creates uncertainty and inefficiencies that can severely hinder company growth. One solution can be the digitization of the business trip application and the travel expense report. Security can be built up through an appropriate rights and role management, which precisely defines release cycles and processes, distributes tasks and triggers escalations. Individual forms facilitate the filling in of all applications and invoices, so that the potential for errors is reduced and traceability of all decisions can arise.

Solution Template: Business Trip Request

Employees repeatedly come across a large number of work processes in which approvals play an important role: From the leave application to the superior releasing a travel expense report or complex approval workflows based on the dual control principle - for example, in the case of a budget release.

Proposing a travel authorization request: The Approval Matrix

The JobRouter® Solution Template "Business Trip Request" offers the possibility to electronically enter applications for business trips of any kind and to send them automatically to a pre-defined superior for approval, with only one click. Rules and responsibilities must be agreed upon to ensure that such authorizations are granted smoothly. This is the only way for employees to obtain the required release or approval from the responsible persons with the correct information. Additionally, you can define roles in the approval matrix that can approve cost changes according to a defined level.

It does not matter what the applicant needs for the business trip (hotel, means of transport, advance payment...) or is offered by the company. It is possible to store any resources, extend or remove them as required and easily select them in the process. You can also specify whether the resources are booked via the back office or by the applicant. In the JobRouter® platform, this can be easily defined using the approval matrix. Using the business trip request as an example, you can also specify the value from which duplicate approval is to be granted by certain departments or persons.

After approval and release, a PDF log is created, which can finally be archived in an audit-proof manner.

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Advantages of digital travel requests

  • security over all tasks and obligations
  • clear traceability
  • integrated escalation management
  • higher transparency, compliance, security & control
  • Forms do not get lost or are not being processed
  • customized forms

With the JobRouter® Solution Template Business Trip Request you can efficiently manage all requests for business trips: You enter, check and book the requests completely digitally and receive exactly the information that is relevant for decision-making! The template is installed in only four hours, configured and ready for use within another three hours! Additional adjustments are of course possible at any time.

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