Contract Management with JobRouter®

Why Contract Management? An optimally defined contract management process supports the entire customer life cycle because it covers all steps that contain, process or even require contract data. It brings information and sources together, streamlines intermediate steps and assigns templates and attachments to all participants. These processes include the administration of suppliers, partners, customers or employees. Contract management does not only concern contracts, but all interfaces, which have to do with such content. The smooth exchange of information within the automated, digital management process ultimately helps to noticeably and permanently increase the efficiency of your company.

Once contracts have been created, signed, and filed, a contract management process supports transparency, since contracts often have end dates on which they can be terminated, renewed or changed - provided they are adhered to. Often such deadlines pass and in the best case nothing happens. In the worst case, unwanted costs arise for the company.

The JobRouter® Contract Management Solution Template tracks and manages contract clauses, terms, obligations and milestones over a specific or indefinite period. This allows you to maximize your own contractual benefits and reduce risks.

Advantages of automated contract management:

  • reduced contract terms & risks
  • reduced revenue losses & administration costs
  • increased user acceptance
  • greater contractual flexibility
  • more contract renewals
  • Increased transparency, compliance, security & control

With the JobRouter® Solution Template Contract Management you can reliably manage your contracts and always work in compliance! The template is installed in only four hours, configured and ready for use within a further four hours! Additional adjustments are possible at any time.

Archiving contracts

The scanned data is recorded using the Contract Management process including all important meta-data. These include, for instance: Contract number, contract type, start date, duration, end of contract, deadlines, reminders, costs, etc.


Of course, additional documents can be attached to a contract. It does not matter whether it is a contract extension, an e-mail traffic or, for example, a zip file. All documents can be saved revision-proof in the corresponding JobArchive.

Rights concept

Three different authorizations can be assigned for each contract: Owner, responsible person, and viewer. Due to differentiated rights, they have different insights into the respective contracts.


Individual comments can be stored for each contract, marked with a time stamp and used as a kind of "memo".

Reminders by e-mail

JobRouter® informs you in good time by e-mail about all contracts for which automatic renewal is imminent. This allows you to keep track of current contracts and not miss any important deadlines.

Sending contracts

All contracts and attachments can optionally be sent by form. This does not require a mail client; it is sent exclusively via JobRouter® on-board resources. JobRouter® also logs who received which documents at what time.

Send cancellation

This process enables all users of the category "Owner" to create an existing notice of cancellation and send it to the contractual partner as a PDF file. This cancellation can also be attached to the contract as a PDF file. 

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You do not want to wait any longer and get started right away? This process is available as a ready-to-use solution for implementation. We quickly and easily adapt the standard to your requirements and your company structure.

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