GDPR-compliant processes with JobRouter®

The GDPR s in place and has greatly extended the rights of affected persons with regards to the usage of their personal data throughout Europe. This includes the right to obtain information about the personal data collected by the company - even if no data has been stored (negative information). The processing of the application is subject to the processing and acceleration provisions of Art. 12 para. 3 and 4 GDPR: As a rule, the request must be answered within one month. Depending on the number of requests or their complexity, an extension of the deadline may be requested. This sets a tight deadline that requires thorough preparation and organization of internal processes.

Solution Template: GDPR

Semi-automated data provision according to GDPR

The JobRouter® GDPR-Solution-Template makes it possible to process requests for data inspection and data deletion quickly, traceably and clearly through a semi-automated process. In the first step, the systems and applications used in the company are collected and assigned to persons responsible for checking the system for incoming data queries. Furthermore, a data protection officer must be appointed, who is available as a contact person and manages all requests. This clearly defines the individual roles and duties of each employee, the rest is automatically queried and processed by the process.

This enables companies to quickly integrate a workflow that is initiated externally - for example, by a form or a button on the website. Once the requester has been uniquely authenticated, the process enables the request to be forwarded to all responsible employees via a workflow and can be processed immediately through their inbox. The person responsible then checks in the corresponding system/application whether personal data exists for the requester and enters this directly in the dialog box. If processing does not take place within the first 24 hours, the process automatically reminds the employee. For example, after another 24 hours without a reaction, an escalation occurs. Naturally, these deadlines can be adapted to the company's requirements.

The process combines all information in a table. This contains all information about the systems and the responsible employees as well as the comments of the respective employees with explanatory information about the personal data requested.

The data will be checked again by the data protection officer and can be extended if necessary with a concluding comment on the request. The applicant will then receive an e-mail with all information as a PDF attachment.

The request is now complete or can be initiated directly by a follow-up request for data deletion via a link in the e-mail. The data protection officer then receives the table again and can instruct the data to be deleted. This action is documented in another comment field.

With the JobRouter® Solution Template GDPR you can reliably manage all requests for data inspection or data deletion and always work in compliance with GDPR! The template is installed in only four hours, configured and ready for use within a further four hours! Additional adjustments are of course possible at any time.

Advantages of automated data provision

  • tasks are distributed accordingly
  • clear traceability & security
  • higher transparency & control
  • clear data maangement rules
  • better structure for internal workflows
  • improved customer satisfaction
  • lower costs for manual tasks
  • lower risk of inefficiencies

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