JobRouter® Solution Templates

JobRouter® Solution Templates: Quickstart digital transformation

Digital change is advancing rapidly - but we give you the choice of the rhythm at which you go along!

Implement your digital processes with the proven JobRouter® digitisation platform in a targeted, highly flexible and individual way - and benefit from solutions that fit your company structure exactly.

Or switch from analog to digital within a few days with our topic- and industry-specific templates for processes: The JobRouter® Solution Templates map popular standard processes in such a way that they can be used directly or adapted to less complex business requirements with little effort.

By using the process templates, new solutions can be introduced within a few days. Integrated, innovative technologies offer a very high and specialized range of functions to meet the specific requirements of the individual departments. These include, for example, solutions for collaborative work on documents or for legally compliant digital signing of documents on the screen.

No matter which digital strategy you choose, we can help you get the most out of your digital processes!

Our Process Templates