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900+ companies worldwide trust in JobRouter®

More than BPM(N)

JobRouter® manages your business processes on the basis of independent data models.

Independent Workflow Management

More than ERP

JobRouter® complements your ERP system and stabilises the operational processes in your company.

ICSI Success Story

More than DMS

JobRouter® generates and manages your documents based on any complex data structures that you require.

Agile Document Management

Real Workflow Management

The variety of integrated interfaces and modules makes JobRouter® a strong tool for automating practically any scenario in the field of business processes – whether it’s for documented or undocumented processes.

JobRouter can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

Variety of Modules

Agile Document Management

With its agile components, JobRouter® combines business processes and document management to create one integrated solution. Whether you want to fully integrate the JobRouter archives into your Windows file system, archive your emails from Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, or arrange the format of invoices to conform with the German “ZUGFeRD” invoicing standard – your documents are always in good hands with JobRouter.

JobRouter® is certified to IDW PS 880

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Intelligent Document Recognition

Whether it’s processing invoices at header level and item level or correcting invoices in accordance with Paragraph 13 of the German VAT law (construction industry) – JobRouter® processes document data and intelligently analyses it independently for you.

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Users say that stress-free work begins on the JobRouter® overview page.


Save your documents in JobRouter® and SAP™ in compliance with regulations.

Module description

Substitution rules

Set your own personal substitute or role groups for when you are absent.

Module description


Define processing times and set JobRouter® to perform different actions depending on time frames.

Module description

Manage emails

Receive email notifications and archive emails straight from your Outlook client.

Module description

Automated processes that bring great satisfaction, because JobRouter® takes on all your monotonous tasks and gives you time for more creative work.

Invoice verification

JobRouter® reads the data on an invoice, compares the order data from the system with the verified incoming invoices and can automatically operate complex verification processes using an ERP system.

User scenario: Finance

Expense claims

Collate all expense receipts from a trip in one procedure and let them be checked automatically with the process regulations on file. Authorisation is done electronically by the relevant manager or supervisor.

Project example

Contract administration

Manage your contract data with JobRouter®. Processing begins with data collection in the internal JobRouter® archive and covers everything from the generation of PDF documents right up to setting reminders to extend or cancel the contract at a specific time.

Module: JobArchive

Access to JobRouter® workflows from any place, at any time

Starting new processes

Start new steps in the process with your smartphone and delegate pending tasks from anywhere.

Access your inbox

A quick look at your inbox shows you whether there are any new processes to be dealt with. You can upload pictures and documents for each process, so, for example, you can use forms to send photos of documents from your mobile device to a process.

Editing workflows

JobRouter® creates separate dialogue boxes – which support the main input dialogue box elements – optimised for mobile device screens. One particular feature is that you can set rules for mobile actions and therefore enable separate properties for actions carried out on desktop or mobile versions.

One workflow system for everything

Process participants benefit from the options in JobRouter®

  • User
  • Process owner
  • Administrators
  • Process designer


Personalised settings

You can change various useful settings yourself. These include language, categories, colours, ...

Storing documents

Store several files at once, staple documents directly or sort files before they are stored. You can attach other documents that have already been archived using the drag and drop function, remove staples from documents and change their order.

And because it makes sense to ensure that nobody else accesses your documents at this time, you can lock documents using the shortcut menu.

Carrying out allocated steps

Current tasks are displayed in your inbox. Thanks to the adjustable filter criteria and the option to freely define inboxes for certain processes, you always have a good overview of your tasks. Work on individual processes is carried out in the dialogue boxes. These can contain additional scripts to access external applications or analyse the data that has been entered.

Actions when working on allocated steps

  • Allocate/ Make enquiry
  • Batch processing
  • Substitution rules
  • Reminders
  • Document attachments
  • Notifications

Track processes

Process Overview

Process owners can see all current processes using the Process Overview and, if necessary, administratively intervene in a process. Filters help to simplify the overview.

Step Overview

With the Step Overview, a process owner can maintain an overview of the process steps themselves, or administratively intervene in the process.

Administration of the workflow system

All users receive different levels of access rights to manage specific areas. This means that every user can participate in various roles and see different functions in various processes. JobRouter® has its own user and role management system. It is also possible to synchronise this with Microsoft Active Directory.


The JobRouter system configuration is simply structured. Whether it’s Monitoring and Maintenance; Services and Security Settings; User Role Allocation; Emails and Imports – all system-specific settings can be adjusted here.


An overview shows all JobRouter modules and interfaces that are available and being used, and it is the starting point for module configuration. Individual access permissions can be assigned here, for example for process designers.

Admin Monitor

The traffic light indicator in the Admin Monitor enables status reports to be viewed immediately and error messages to be dealt with straight away. This reduces disruptions and makes it easier to adapt configurations.

Process designer

Process graphics

Creating a workflow in the web-based JobRouter designer is carried out by defining various process steps, rules, the table structure for saving data, and dialogue boxes to display and edit analysis. A process graphic makes it easier to illustrate the process and makes it quicker to edit individual steps. The overall process can be documented within the application and printed out as a document at a later stage. Every workflow that is created in the system can of course be exported and re-imported into other systems.

Dialogue box editor

Dialogue boxes are used to display and edit workflow data.

To personalise dialogue boxes, there is a broad selection of standard and user-defined elements available, for example

  • Text boxes, check boxes, lists and radio buttons
  • File and attachment elements to upload and display documents
  • SQL elements (e.g. lists and autocomplete fields) to display and validate data from the database
  • Sub-table views to display item data
  • Special elements to integrate third party systems and modules, e.g. SAP™, JobArchive, JobMind

Process optimisation as is only possible with JobRouter®

Process examples & user scenarios
  • Inventory process
  • Investment applications
  • Ordering process
  • Procurement request
  • Budget management and expenses tracking
  • Data controlling
  • Incoming invoice verification / Accounts payable management
  • Secure Transaction Reporting & End-to-End Reconciliation for MiFID 2
  • Outgoing invoice creation / Accounts receivable management
  • Business trip processing
  • Digital personal file
  • Human resources management
  • Onboarding/ Offboarding
  • Certification according to QM standards
  • Construction planning process
  • SOP management (Standard Operating Procedure)
  • Product Life Cycle
  • Support process / Ticket system
  • B2B sales process
  • Congress planing
  • Lead management process
  • Order processing
  • Sponsoring mails
  • Complaint management
  • Digital construction file
  • Internal procurement process
  • Master data management
  • User rights management

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